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The name "Taksa" represents sustained endeavors towards attaining the highest level of quality of products and production processes. Given the competitive we have in the market and the nature of our products, we have always tired to produce and supply the company’s products in mass volumes and in highest level of national and international standard.

Our unit started its activity 1975 in the area of producing and supplying alcohol.
In1993, we managed to product vinegar by using submerge fermentation method.
At present, we produce vinegar with a capacity of 250,000 liters per day.

By employing the latest machinery and equipment, we have also managed to produce fruit vinegars (including apple vinegar, Orange vinegar, cherry vinegar, and strawberry vinegar ) spiced vinegar and concentrated vinegar (with a concentration of 40%).

Recently, the company started production of various pickles, jams, and Lemon Juice which are now available in the market.


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